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Rear Wheel Bearing Help Needed


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i,m after some advise on rear wheel bearings on my 'gte coupe 84'. i have a bit of rumble coming from the back end, not major but noticable non the less..

i managed to get rear bearings and rings on ebay ages ago. i dont however have the gasket or the 'o' ring which apparantly fits in a groove on the bearing.

the haynes manual sayts to measure the depth of the bearing housing and shim it accordingly? can any of you guys tell me if the shims are available as too the 'o' rings and gaskets,or anyone got any? there is no play to feel on the bearings however the os has abit of endfloat? could this be that it hasnt been shimmed correctly?..anyway enough of my babble, any help would be gratefully appreciated :thumbup

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Hi. Yes most rear axles start rumbling when they need re-shimming. This is something i have always get a shop to do as its too complex for me, and you need some measuring tools if im not mistaken ?

But new bearings is always a joy so mount them anyways..wink.gif

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a rumble is usually a wheel bearing.especially if it doesnt increase or decrease when you put power on..if you can find a piece of smooth downhill road to coast down with someone sat in the back they should be able to tell which side it is.you may also be able to tell by jacking up each side in turn & spinning by hand although they can go quiet when not having the weight of the car on them.dont be misled by the bearing having some endfloat,i did & bought two new bearings by different makers & they had some endfloat in them anyway.there shouldnt be any up & down movement though.

replacing is easy enough.remove the 4 nuts inside drum & slide halfshaft out.(it may be tight & need slide hammer),bearing needs pressing off with a industrial press.(garage or local engineering works),new bearing pressing on followed by retainer ring.

you need to buy or make two new gaskets for each side of the backplate.bolt it all up & measure recess where bearing will go.this depth should be the same as the bearing plus any shims that were in there.(add or decrease to suit)

remember that you may nip it up tighter when you finally bolt it all up so allow for this so that it will all end up tight without looseness or buckling the plate. finally you definatelly need an o ring in the groove of the bearing to stop any oil getting past. cheers.hope this helps you...

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Often pits are worn in the inner race. That makes the rumble.

The majority of people that have changed their half shafts on here are staying quiet. That means it's either very easy or very hard.

Draw your own conclusion.


I don't have an industrial press

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thanks very much to everyone who replied! you know who you are :thumbup

started early this morning expecting the half shafts to be welded in with rust,only to find they popped straight out with a few pops on the slide hammer i hired :rolleyes: . just need to get the bearings and collars pressed on by a mate with a press..i,ve managed to get the o rings of, so will re-use them..does anyone know if you should lube the outer bearing to help it slide back in? or gasket sealer on the o ring etc? will have to get a depth gauge - micrometer now to measure the bearing housing etc.there was 2 shims behind both bearings,so hopefully i wont need more?:unsure: ..thanks again to all those who replied..another daunting task made easier with a little advice from the members on this site..:thumbup

just to add..i forgot to say...one bearing felt like it was ready to fall apart, the other feels as tight and smooth as the new ones,and this one had the end float :unsure: . spose i better change both as there off...cheers

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