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Hi to all,

OK, so my mid-life crisis has suddenly manifested itself in the decision to spontaneously bid on a Manta A on Ebay. Had a B back in the 80's. Always fancied an A. Like all well considered purchases, best to bid blind lest the con's start to outweigh the pro's. To view or not to view? Save yourself agonising over this decision by bidding on one that's not even in the Country! If you listen carefully, you can hear my Visa Card sobbing quietly in the background. So it's here, and it's running. Import was straightforward once the VAT man had his cut :angry:. Biggest problem so far is the aftermarket Cobra "bacon-slicer" bucket seats are somewhat skinnier than my ample behind. Oh, and no brakes! Other than that my rose-tinted eyeshields are managing to filter out the oxide quite well. Let you know how it goes. Pete,

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