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Ascona 400T Project


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Finally getting round to puting some pics up of my project hoping to make it into a 400 rep with c20let in it, anyway here is the car as i got it



and after a quick strip and steam clean this is what i was left with


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next job was to fit new front valance managed to get a new gm one for this



The job that i am currently on is converting the car from a 4 door to a 2 door



old B pillar and quarter removed



new quarter fitted now just need to fully weld it in


was going to keep the car like this with the barn door look but decided against it in the end

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Wow excellent work there, if you want to get rid of some of that four door trim and glass, i,m after a black interior for mine and could do with some spares.. ;)

Edit, just seen your ad in the for sale section, ill take them if we can sort a price between us..

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Awesome job. Where did you get the A panel from?


got the A panel for DR manta think he has 1 lh one left but no rh one's really struggling to find one if i have to make one i will but i would rather use a gm parts 1st

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impressive, ballsy move cutting that lot out i dont think ide be brave enough myself looking forward to seeing this come together did you see someone else convert from 4 to 2 door in order to be sure the lengths were the same ect?

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has to be the best modification ive seen yet! hats of to you sir!

Funny me and Fergal were talking about this t Billing last year, he thought it would be a fairly easy question. Thought it would have been done at thiss side of the water first though! Whole new meaning of using a Cavalier donor!

I'll be keeping an eye on this, looking forward to seeing the finished result.

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WOW you've got some balls to do that, did you not need to brace the car before cutting all that out.

Much o respect :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

I did think that but as i didnt cut all the way through the C pillar the roof should have held it all together i hope lol

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Bit of an update, havn't had much time to spend on the car of late due to other commitments but i have managed to do a bit

Quater and B/C pillars are now fully welded in and i am quite happy with the finish

Next managed to salavage the sill inforcer from the 4 door as it is longer than a 2 door so i could cut the back end off and reuse as the back end was grotty, also cut out back end of inner sill and replaced


Next job was to try and sort out the bottom of B pillar door jam mess


rot cut out


New pillar made



Next managed to get sill on



I'm quite happy with the way things are looking just wish they weren't taking so long lol

Next job is to do the same on the other side

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