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Loads Of Spares


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I'm having a clear out as some stuff will never get used, I've got allsorts Exclusive and B nearly two cars worth, as it would take for ever to list I'm not going to but to keep in line with the rules let me know what you want and if I've got it I'll give you a price...... Simples

Cheers .............. Casper

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Do you have a RED piped exclusive chicago grey hatch rear seat back?


No mate I've pit that interior into mine

Do have any repair panels and chassis legs? Cheers. Scott.

No but I've got a complete shell that I put new ones onto


do you possibly havea coupe fuel tank.



Yes someone else has asked me that I've got two. Carb or injection ?

PM' s sent to others I'm on with it today cheers

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hi.im looking for the rear anti roll bar bushes.not the ones on the bar or axle but the ones which fit on the body bracket above the links.(or on the links as well on early stuff)

they look like a very small cotton reel ?

Yep got them they'll be off the exclusive it's getting cut up next weekend I'll get em off £10 ok pm your details and I'll post em

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Do you happen to have a plastic spacer that sites between the radio and the dashboard please?

No mate but have a look at my standard radio mod in manta modifications and if you do it you won't need the spacer cheers Mick

Do you have vented front discs to suit Hubs of approx 5.5" outside Dia (I have Volvo 4 pot calipers fitted)


Sorry for late reply all work and no play I've only got solid discs cheers

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