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Xe Chevette


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Thanks for the nice comments guys. thumbsup.gif

Manx reg.

The car is not a HS, but when I got the car registered over here I didn't want to put a next in line reg plate on it from the D.O.T so I paid £65 and bought one from there other number plate section. I couldn't think what I wanted and since the car had lots of HS bits on it at the time I managed to find that reg plate.

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AAh i see, looks great, have you ever used it in anger on the track..

Sure have. This is what happened last time I did a track-day, which due to the screen smashing revealed a small rust hole under the screen, which in turn lead to a 2 year evolution of the car.

I'd never thought I would have ever have got chance to do a track day with no screen. It was ace!

Very nice looking motor, have you built it for the fun and pleasure of it or are you planning on track days or hill climbs :thumbup , would imagine it goes as well as it looks.

Thanks , track days and I was supposed to be doing the Manx three hills challenge (hill climb) at the end of the month but just haven't got the funds at the mo. sad.gif

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Not to sure, the cage wasn't tied in to the front pillars when I first built the car but are tied in after this last build just in case. I think it wasn't a bad thing as to do a trackday with no screen was ace fun! And I was surprised how loud the carbs were.

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