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What V8 Convetion Is Best For A Manta Coupe?


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keep changing my mind, but i am getting close to starting the strip down of my e reg exclusive coupe,

red top, then uprate, cih, now just seen a manta running small block v8 rover and just fell love the note,

about 15 years ago a mates dad built a v8 manta out of a x reg gtj, but did buy a convertion kit!!!

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In my humble opinion, the best V8 conversion for the Manta would be the Ford 302 Small block Windsor (I think it is called) 5.0 litres.

Narrower than the Rover block which aids installation in the Exhaust area, but heavier though.

Can be built cheaply as there are loads of suppliers for these engines.

One of the most expensive areas for installing an engine like this into a Manta would be the manufacature by a specialist of Exhaust system/manifold/headers/downpipe areas.

The Ford 302 has a vast array of headers available in all sorts of different styles and fitments that are readily available off the shelf for not a lot of cash.

It is only this area that put me off doing another Rover V8 in Manta.

If I hadn't been driving Jap turbo's I would have been possibly looking at the Ford 302 route for my Manta, but for me further down the line I will be wanting Turbo Boost in my Manta.

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Got to agree with Clive, very small and narrow

Here is one in an A Series i built recently



Imho, i'd forget Euro V8's, they are to big really and hard to tune cheaply.

Don't for get to read this first http://www.the-ace.org.uk/Chassis-and-Monocoque-Modification.html

You see to me if you were going to put a V8 in a Manta then to me it should look like what Simon Peckham has done here. :thumbup:thumbup Spot on mate :thumbup

As far as i can see it would be all well and good fitting a "Euro V8" but personally I could well do without messing about with a BMW or Audi loom it was nightmare enough seeing the basic 200SX wiring loom (not so much electrics on these cars as the BM's or Audi's) 200SX loom was tied into loads of things.

And pretty unsure of the availability of a Carburettor inlet manifold for the Euro V8's

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Well some of the old Mercedes V8´s should be easy enough to install, don´t know if it can be shoehorned in there though ? They are also quite powerful, delivering 250-300bhp ..

This is a good example :)


I would like to see that build anyways thumbsup.gif

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