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Xe In An A

Manta again

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I know this might have been asked before but any info greatly appreciated to help collect parts for my TE project. Does the Ashley exhaust manifold fit past the stabiliser bar? If not what manifold does fit or have I got to custom build? I assume that I use the cover plate from the XE engine and friction plate from a 1.8. If not whats the correct combo? Thanks in advance. :D Oh where can I get engine build info for the XE, just have a collection of parts at the mo :lol:

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Manta Again,

My mate Rob is currently building a 16V Manta A. The Ashley manifold doesn't clear the Anti roll bar and it also needs a bit of adapting under the car to stop it catching the floor. He's seen people space the roll bar down to give a little extra clearance before but has decided to get another manifold custom made. When he first encountered the anti roll bar problem, I suggested we made some hybrid part Manta A and part Manta B lower suspension arms and the run the Manta B Anti roll bar in front of the crossmember like it is on a Manta B. You would need the Chassis brackets welding to your chassis rails as per Manta B. Another advantage of this set up would be availability of poly bushes. I don't know if anybody else has done this before and it might not work as nothing got measured up, it was just an idea I came up with whilst looking under his car and seemed like a cheap modification. Rob's forum I.d is ( BHP ). The Calibra Turbo friction plate would be a better idea than the 1800 plate but will be quite expensive as you'll probably have to buy a full clutch kit just for its friction plate. Good luck with your conversion...... Luke.

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I can get you the correct clutch for the xe transplant.

You need a 20 xe cover, a c20let friction plate and an curly 1800 release bearing.


£80 for the clutch to suit

1800 clutch in comparison, puny




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