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My New Hatch Getting Ready For Billing


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Hi This is my new Manta hatch i got this off Ebay about 2 weeks ago, i have put some of the pics that was on ebay just to jog your memory.

I have been over it with a fine tooth comb, there are repairs needed on driver and passenger A post, fuel leak to sort, 2 new doors to fit ,a drivers front wing to fit and a pair of rear arches then a full respray in its original colour Astro Silver.

Over the last 2 weekends i have been busy i have removed the tank and located the rusty area, welded up the drivers A post and started to fit the osr wheel arch i have taken some pics to show you my progress, hope you enjoy and the is going to be a quick rebuild due to it being booked in for a respray in 2 weeks :(


There are some repairs to do on th inner arch but not going bad at all really, i was going to use the car as i got it as my daily runner but due to the genuine 60K on the clock and the shell being one of the best iv seen i have decided to put Gloria (my other Manta) on the back burner to get this one sorted ready for billing im going to keep it original the only thing im going is the 400 mirrors.


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Was eyeing that one up, but cannot get one manta fixed let alone another one too!

Mate of mine is a bodyworks man. He showed me the other day the new water based paint - Direct Gloss.

Ready mixed in the tin, just put it in the gun and start spraying. It dries matt but is then covered with 2 pack lacquer which gives it the deep gloss shine. Very impressive. And ok for DIY with a clean big enough covered environment. Only drawback is that you cannot get metalic colours yet. Plenty of silvers available though.

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