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Hi Folks,

Hoping someone can help out here. I'm re-assembling my crossmember to the car after rebuild. Problem is I didn't take any photos of the rear mounts from the cross member to the chassis legs and now can't figure out which side is which. The rear crossmember legs (ones with rear lower wishbone mounts) have a little curve at the end where they attach to the chassis rails. Does the curve go up or down? Seems to fit both ways!

2nd question then, I fitted poly bushes to those rear mounts and they come with a pair of large stainless washers. Do these washers go between the chassis rail and crossmember rear leg or are they for fitting over the end under the nut?

Appreciate any help.

Manta B '84 by the way


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Cheers fellas, those bits kick upwards at the rear I figured out from various pics. Crossmember reinstated this evening and springs & wishbones half in, wondering why I bothered blasting and painting the suspension now - its impossible to get those springs in without making a balls of the nice new paint!

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