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1983 G T / J For Sale

Irmscher Man

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I am posting this on behalf of a member who is reluctantly selling his pride and joy.

This car has been his passion for many years but as he is now retired, he finds it more difficult to drive (and especially to park without power steering).

It deserves to go to a good home as it is a rare model. There are VERY FEW of the early C series GT/J's left in the club.....this may be one of only a couple left, so is a rare model in very original condition. I have not seen the car but have chatted extensively to Peter about the car and just talking to him, you get the feeling he would rather keep it but finds it harder to drive and harder still to work on. He is very keen that it goes to an enthusiast and is cared for in the same way he has looked after it for over 20 years.

Sorry - No pics available at present. I may be able to pop in soon to take some photos when I am passing through Yorkshire next.

Details as Follows :

Year: 1983 (Y registered)

Colour: Carmine Red

Model: GT/J Hatch - one of the very first models of the C series Manta, (or facelifted B series if you are a purist!)

Mileage: 100k

History : Present owner for last 20 years, only one previous owner of this car.

Various new parts fitted over the last few years including - New Sills, Front Wings, Webber Carb, Radiator, Front Brake Disks, Rear Brake shoes, New Handbrake cable, New Gearbox, Master Cylinder Overhauled. Original Silver steel wheels have just been overhauled and painted.

Original unmolested condition, which is how the owner wants it to stay (otherwise he probably will not sell it!)

Loads of history with this car. It has been taxed and MOT'd constantly and is still on the road at present. Used fairly regularly (1000 miles per year for last 10 years).

Location: Birdwell, near Barnsley.

Price: £2995

Telephone: Peter Barraclough - 01226 350 716

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