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Aftermarket Rear Bumper, Front Bumpers, Wings, Doors


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First of all there's this rear bumper, which I was told was for a hatch when I bought it. Comes with a pair of Britax foglights, I've never fitted it but I can't see any damage apart from a few scratches on the paint. There's a pair of side skirts that cover the sill, rear quarter in front of the wheel and front wing behind the wheel and a pair of panels for covering the bottom half of the doors available too, I'll get some pictures of those bits once I've had a chance to dig them out if anyone's interested. There's some minor damage to the skirts and door panels from storage but nothing a bit of fibre glass won't fix. I'm after £50 for the lot, since that's what I paid, they're currently at my Dad's place near the end of the M4 but I can get them to Cardiff if that makes collection easier.


I've also got this front bumper (and a few more if anyone wants one) and driver's wing available, which are both very good, along with a very good pair of doors and a very good Monaco Blue bonnet from the same car.

Doors - £30 each or £50 the pair

Wing - £20

Front bumpers - £10 each

Bonnet - £20

And of course loads of other bits. If you're looking for anything then give me a shout, I've got plenty of spares here and I could do with some cash!

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