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Opel Manta A Series Rear Axle - Kadett C Gt/e Or Chevette Hs Conversion?


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I have had a back axle for an Opel Manta A series sitting in my back yard for quite a while. I was keeping it in reserve for a stillborn project and the time has come to move it on. Here is a quick run down:

The Good Bits

It is from a Manta A series 1900 Automatic, this means it will have the longer 3.44 : 1 gear ratios.

The doner car had covered under 100,000 miles and the automatic transmission reduces the normal shock loading.

Unlike the more common Opel Manta B series, the Opel Manta A series has a narrower track. This makes it much better for converting Opel Kadett C series and Vauxhall Chevettes without having to install huge wheel arches.

I removed the half shafts and they have been stored in a dry room indoors.

The Bad Bits

There is a lot of rust in the spring cups and they will need to be replaced.

The brake back plate is missing one one side, and there are no brake drums fitted.

The unit has stood outside for some years, so a good blasting and repaint is definately overdue.

You should probably replace as many bearings as possible before use.

It is a very large item to send by courier, so I would recommend collection from London. If it will fit in my car I can deliver it to you for the cost of fuel. Bear in mind though that this will be around 15 pence per mile. Anywhere around the North of England will be a 500 mile round trip.

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Hi Mark

It will fit on a standard pallett if you put it diagonal, took the shafts out and attached to axel on one i sold a few weeks back to be on the safe side. Worked out at £49 from Bournemouth to Cardiff and you can order it on line! http://www.speedshift.co.uk, bloke said they pick up lots of car bits, engines etc..

Hope this might help someone!


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Hi Mark

Did you sort out your web hosting?

Back onto the manta stuff now, what do you think for front wing prices?

I have 3 in different states, one is a brand new Veng passengers side wing and after looking at some of the stuff on the german ebay site, the only pattern one i could find was 280 euros!! the old a series stuff is seriously expensive over there! Here are some pics


PM me about the hosting and thoughts on prices when you get time.


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