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Bumpers, Wings, Trim... Must Sell As Job Lot...


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Hello. This bundle of Manta spares must go as a job lot collection from Park Farm Estate, Standlake, OX29 5AZ. A nice little stock pile of old usable bits for someones future projects, nothing is overly good condition, it's just usable stuff that can replace broken or 'past it' items or can of course be repainted/restored. With only one Manta now these are surplus to my requirements and will only get grottier with age or the gypos will nick it!

This includes:-

A starmist black exclusive rear bumper

Front and rear chrome B series bumpers, rusty on the back and a bit dinged up, restorable.

A Polar white GTE front bumper, badly scuffed outer but has solid metal behind piece.

N/S and O/S Front wings, tatty one has small rust hole hidden area, still usable.

A pair of polar white side skirts, just the skirts no end pieces

One red side skirt, no end piece and I forgot which side it is

A grey centre console with the cassette box

The first person to offer me a crisp £20 or has some old video games or something cool to swap can have the lot, but I must stress this is collection only from OX29 5AZ and goes as a lot, I've got a small business to run and can't spare the time to sort things out individually. You'd likely need an estate car or van to fit it in (or if you're after an estate car, I've got one to sell too!!:D)


Text or Tel - 07809 329211

email - oldboilerhouse 'AT' googlemail 'DOT' com

PM me on here or reply to topic

Kindest thanks, Rick.





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I wish I could help but I just don't have that option to deliver non 'royal mailable' stuff I'm sorry to say :( Hopefully someone may buy this lot for just one or two parts and then sell the rest on individually. Perhaps anyone more centrally located may want the rest and could send the wing on your behalf?

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Splendid thanks.. Let me know when is good for you and I'll try to make a slot, plus I can get some work done whilst I'm down there. This week I think only wednesday I've got a booking in the morning-early afternoon...

...also let me know if you have a boxed Commodore 64 GS in the loft to swap :lol:

Thanks again, Rick.

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Can't help with the commodore 64 went in the bin about 10 years Ago! all i've got left now is a Sega Master system,could maybe make Friday.

Friday will be good, so you can just let me know for sure on the Thursday if you needed.

I'd swap for a Master System if you're interested?? A C64 computer isn't worth much but the rare C64 GS (games system), a boxed one sold on ebay for £750!! So I have to ask until I find another one :D

Thanks, Rick.

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Okay mate thanks, I'll head down to try get there just before 11 and I'll spend a couple of hours tidying up around the place, so I hope to see you tomorrow. Please keep a note of my number 07809329211 just incase I'm running late but I'm usually about 20 mins away at the most.

Thanks again, Rick.

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Thanks for popping down and buying the stuff mate, I hope you get some use out of it. I may have some room soon, only a motorbike, a knacker of a vectra and a tonne of other stuff to shift :D Nice meeting you too.


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