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I have just put the engine back in by coupe and need the following to try to finish after an over enthusiastic removal chopped some much needed bits(not by me)

Can someone point me in the best direction to find these bits.

I require:

Clutch cable

Accelerator cable

Distributor cap, HT leads and rotor arm

Oil filter

Full exhaust system

And a radiator pleeease

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Take these part numbers to your local factor.

2.0L CIH (GT/E model)

Dissy cap: INTERMOTOR part number 44220

Rotor arm: INTERMOTOR part number 47160s

Spark plugs: NGK part number BPR6H-VG4 (different stock number 2393)

Oil filter: FRAM part number PH966B

HT Leads: Bosch (their grey in colour)

Can't help with standard exhaust system I'm afraid! there's always 'Ashley/Jetex' or a custom job.

There's a radiator for sale on ebay just now.

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