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1.8 Sump Dimensions


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Hi, wondering if anyone with a 1.8 big wing sump laying around could get some measurments from it for me, as I plan on making my own using the bottom of a 2.0 8v SEH engine.

Mainly after the depth at the front of the sump, where the steering rack would pass under.

Many thanks, Rob

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Found these in a file on my pc but they don't have depths unfortunatly


Might help for where the shallow bit ends and big wing size

I'm sure someone will have a sump off a car to measure, all mine are fitted currently

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I made one for a Firenza 16v conversion recently, you need approx 25mm internal depth on the shallow side and 45mm on the deep side, I just made mine flat at those dimensions until it got to the box at the back. At 25mm the pickup pipe clears by about 3mm or so.

Ps those dims are obviously both at what you call the shallow end, and are measured at the sides of the sump once it is at full width ie behind the oil pump area

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Sorry thought I wasn't very clear after I wrote it, the engine is tilted 7 degrees, when I said flat I meant front to back, the difference between the 25 mm and 45mm at the shallow part ( ie all except the well at the rear)gives the 7 degree tilt

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