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Hi From Birmingham! Cavalier Sportshatch

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Hi all!

My name is Stuart.

Whilst perusing car and classic telling my self I would not but anything I came across a rather yellow Cavalier sportshatch for sale!

I rang the owner and arranged to see the car and tried not to get to excited.

That evening I returned home and thought I would have a scan about the internet to gathter some information, Only to be led right to this site and low and behold there is a thread relating to the very car I had arranged to see!!

So hi Will aka XL391!!

Will was a thorough gent and the thread led me to feel comfortable in the purchase of a 30 year old motor which turned out to be much better than expected.

A trouble free drive home from Liverpool ensued though I had to wind back my performance expectaions a decade or two as the Mrs 1.6 Xsara left me for dead once or twice!!

The car is fab but I can see a few areas that can be improved upon.

Thought I had better join up and say hi to everyone and thanks to Will. Any brummie manta owners on here from south brum?


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Hi Stuart and welcome to Manta Ascona & MK1 Cavalier world

You look to have bought a good car there with a recent photo history of whats been done courtesy of this forum.

Are you planning on bringing it to Billing on July 2nd & 3rd?

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Hi, Thanks for the welcome,

I was going to attend this years retro cars show on the 2/3rd but then found out I can attend neither as its my grandparents 60th Wedding aniversary!!

Gutted as I have been to every retro cars show without a retro car!!!

I will definately be over to attend next months midland meet! Hop to see you guys there!!


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Howdo & welcome to ownership of the rarer & better version of the Opel shed known as the Manta B..... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I better clear off quick. :blink: :blink:

seriously though, the guys on here are a great source of help wether you need physical assistance, parts or just some good advice.

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