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Newbie From Tyrone

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hi all im a newbie to this site. I currently dont own a manta but i want to change that within the next few months so i thought why wait till then to do my research, get a heads up and start now. LOL like anyoone else i'd love the manta 400 but with a tight wallet and the rarity of them i dont think that this will happen in a hurry. Ideally i'd be looking for a manta in white and upgrade th engine to either a red top, v6 or a c20let but again the let engine is the pipe dream, then i'd like to put a 400 kit on it. My father owned a manta when i was a small child and i rememmber on a sunday he use to take us to a local car park and do a bit of drifting. To me this was heaven and eveer since ive always love the mighty manta.

Well tats enough rambling, and advice on the righ manta to go for and rough price guidelines are very much appriciated. thanks all in advance

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Theres a couple of mantas for sale in the classified Colin. I have a white one I might part with as well - give me a call sometime tomorrow on 07743 443777. I'm only down the road from you as well (Fermanagh).

Welcome along.

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