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1.8 Ohc Hesitation

Manta again

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I have to admit I am a 1.8 and Varijet virgin, more used to CIH and webers. After the auto choke switches off the engine hesitates under load it feels like a fueling problem maybe choke related after the engine has warmed up the problem almost goes away, just still a slight hint when you first move off. Any suggestions of where to start greatly recieved as I dont know my way around the carb.

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I had the same problem, we could not get parts for the carb so binned it.

got an adaptor plate tig welded onto the inlet manifold for a manual choke twin choke weber down draft carb conversion. was an expensive excercise, but nicely done.

I am will be binning that entire set up soon and going with twin 40's


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Hi there ! Just a thought from am old fogie -

I have just cured a rough running problem with my CIH 2LTR SPORTSHATCH which occured cruising at 1500 revs upwards. ( She is fitted with a weber the direct exchange manual choke type and it is much better than the original Varijet )

The tickover was fine as was the acceleration. I replaced all the usual parts,- dizzy rotor arm, condenser, plugs, points, changed oil / filter and checked the continuity of the leads.

On advice from a friend, I changed the leads ! and that was the trouble. The leads would carry enough power to give a nice tick over and good acceleration but not enough to keep the engine at an even speed.

I noticed that the leads in your photographs are BLUE. If they are the Lucas carbon core type, this could be your problem.

As I said - Just a thought . Copper3T

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the leads are magnecore, the carb is a new one, the plugs are iridium plugs i recon adjusting the auto choke to stay on longer during warm up would help but as the secondary barrel is vacuum activated you will never get full smooth acceleration as a weber does. dont plant your size 12s as fast. ha ha sean hovell has a new 1.8 carb for sale should cure the problem for you.

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Thanks chaps for all the advice, have got a weber coming which should solve the hesitation problem, just need to sort out the starting problem!!! the car failed to start when we went to leave Billing so may need new starter motor and need to check the earthing strap to the starter motor incase its got a poor earth at the chassis end. Thanks to all those who got her going again. Call me mad but I also bought a stainless steel exhaust for her at Billing :D

Andy stop selling your cars and tempting me, your i240r would look good on my drive, hey do you want a hatch that makes a really good daily driver in partx :D

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