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Manta With Cal Engine


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hello every 1 and all opel lovers

i own an opel calibra (just baught it) and an opel manta (1977) i would like to swap the cal engine to the manta, i want to ask if cal engine fits on manta's gearbox or i need a flunge? the engine (cal) is 2ltr sfi 16v , and i want to know the engine number location pls cuz i saw 3 types of numbers 2 on the right face toward the wing (mudgurd) and they are punched ,and another 1 behind the exaust pipes and this 1 is engraved. any help pls cuz i got kinda confused :P .


manta leads the way... others just follow :P

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Hi mate,

I have the same engine fitted in my Manta. The code is stamped on the exhaust manifold side of the block on the side of the surface/flange that bolts up to the gearbox. It will either be 20XE or C20XE if it's a redtop or maybe it's an Ecotec you have?

As for the swap, you will need a bigwing sump, engine mounts and a gearbox from a 1.8 Manta. The rest is pretty straight forward and all the info you will need is on this site.

Well worth becoming a club member for extra info/benefits. :thumbup

Cheers, Peter.

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