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Sheffield Area Meet On June 2Nd


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Well it looks like there's another three Mantas on the road in our area since last month's meet. An orange A series and a couple of orange B coupes, one original and one heavily modified. I used to have the phone numbers for a couple of these Manta owners but have tried to ring them and the numbers no longer work. Hopefully they might see details of our meet on here. This last month I've been doing a few bits and pieces to the Ascona again and have ironed out a couple more of the jobs that needed doing. I've had it rolling roaded and everything was good,164 Bhp and 195 Ft/Lbs of torque without adjusting anything! Not bad for an Ecotec/ Poor mans Red top eh? I've modified a spare torque tube crossmember to straighten my propshaft out and I've got a quick rack kit on order from Quaife. This should help me get a better angle with a bit more practice as I can't keep up with about four turns lock to lock and keep ending up on the wrong side of the road !

Darren's Starlet is now Zetec'd with R1 Bike carbs and we're fetching him a spare engine today from Birmingham. You can't have enough spares eh? The car drives loads better now and you can actually set off, out of junctions, in the rain without having to rev it to get it on cam and wheelspin away. it would be interesting to see what the power to weight ratio is like on that car.

See you on the 2nd of June maybe? Luke.

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Hello again,

We had a couple of new people at last Thursday's pub meet. Nick lives in Sheffield and brought his immaculate, Yellow A series Manta along for us to look at. This car looks like it would have when it was brand new and has definately raised the bar for Rob's current A series build. Rob was looking all over it to remind himself where various bits and pieces are supposed to fit as his car's been in bits for a few years now. Whilst I'm more of a fan of modified cars than standard ones, I think Nick's Yellow A looks just right. It has a few, very subtle mods that you don't notice until they're pointed out and still looks like a seventies car but has these sensible mods to make it more driveable.

Ian brought his Orange Manta B along too. This car has been a fifteen year project and looked like it was well worth the wait. This Orange B looks original on the exterior but has a custom interior with cobra recliners, fishnet headrests, retrimmed door cards, interior quarter panels and matching rear seats. The blue interior looks really good against the Orange bodywork. Unfortunately, Ian's car didn't seem to be running properly and kept cutting out on the way to the meet. He lifted the bonnet and within a few seconds, Nick spotted a split in the braided pipe to the brake servo and we taped it up to get him back. ( Thanks Nick )

Paul's Red Exclusive is going a bit better now he's had a play with the ignition timing and air/fuel mixture. A new performace exhaust is next for his car as the back box's tailpipe is slowly pointing towards the floor. I think he'd like to make one himself like he did years ago on his 24 valve Manta but is struggling for time as this new Manta's his daily driver and can't be off the road for long. If anyone's got a full system going spare then let him know.

Three of our regulars couldn't make it to this last meet and I'm sure the Dearne Bypass was a safer place last Thursday night for this reason!

I've finally tracked down the owner of the other Orange A series Luxus in our area last week and he's coming to next month's meet. If we have a full house again that will be nine retro Opel/Vauxhalls there!

See you later..... Luke.

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I think you got your wires crossed Luke. My B has been off the road for 15 years. I bought it before Christmas from a guy who had it stored in a lock up since 1996. I put the interior in and did some essential work such as brakes, steering etc. to get it back on the road. So I've only had it a few months, but there's plenty more work to do on it. You can tell everyone its been a 15 year project in 15 years time, coz I'll still be doing it!!! Might see you at retro rides tonight if you're there.

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