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Custom Ht Leads


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Does anyone know where i can get a set of custom ignition leads made up?

want to get leads made up that will suit a manta b 1800cc distributor to a c20xe engine..

I had a special set made by these people (http://www.magnecor.co.uk/) very good and helpful.

They are based just off the M42 near Measham DE12 7AJ

My set are For a Manta A with MX5 1800, Ford coil pack on Bike carbs £ 70

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I'd recommend magnecor too, have been using their leads for years. Ask for their red KV85 leads which'll be more expensive but they're over engineered for road and even fast road use, so last for ages, never fall off can get really hot without melting.

However the KV85 lead set for the early red top (non DIS one, with a distributor at the back of the head), just ask for 'Astra GTE 16v' set should fit the 1.8 manta distributor. I'm not 100% sure and the lengths will all be a bit long if they do fit, but have you got the old set of leads from the red top? They should fit the cap of the 1.8

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16v leads at the dizzy cap ends have the peg fitting but you can get around this by using the bosch cap from a vw jetta/golf 1.8 1992 on the 1.8 dizzy if i remember correctly ;) .

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