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Door Pin Removel


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I have a 1973 A series Manta sr and I have been trying to get the doors off I have a pin removel tool that I got off ebay but even with this they just wont budge, I've soaked them with wd40 and heated them up and even took off the wings to get better access but nothing. can anybody give me some tips, or does anyone live close to Liverpool who could come and do it for me and show me how its done :D

Thanks Ray.

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I'm assuming the A series is the same as the B series, sometimes they're just a pain to get off. I did the same as you've done on my car, hit the thing so hard that I bruised the palm of my left hand against the bar of the removal tool, and shook the lock out of the driver's door. Other cars I've got the pins out in literally seconds.

Guess the only advice I can give is keep doing what you're doing, heating it and using WD40, and hit it harder!

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I have had this before. I found a good soaking in 3 in 1 oil over night and then a long extension bar up against the removal tool with a good whack tends to do it. you really need 2 people for this, one to hold the removal tool in place and the other to do the whacking. You may find that they will come out in bits if they are that corroded. The extension bar gives it that bit more leverage and dont forget to hold the removal tool with a towel as it cuts down vibration. You may also bend a few of the removal pins, I lost count the amount I went through. Also, it may sound daft but just make sure you are useing the correct size pin to remove them,silly i know but even one thats slightly to big will catch on the hinge.


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Holding the end of the tool looses too much of the energy of the hammer blow.

I always use an axle stand as a pivot point for the bar its not failed me yet.

Oh and as the original door removal tool pins are so soft i've replaced mine with cap head bolts with the nut ground to a round shape the same size as the pin

For the lower pin have the axle stand near the hinge and hit down on the end


For the upper pin have the axle stand at the end and hit near the hinge


Oh and don't forget to remove the check strap pin first :thumbup

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As far as I'm aware the idea is to hold the end of the door pin tool and hit it a blow as close to the pin end as possible. The further out you go the less effective it'll be and the effectiveness falls off very fast as you move the blows outwards.

For this reason I always use a standard claw hammer instead of a lump hammer. A good swing hit right beside the pin should be plenty of effort to remove it, (the hammer head should be touching the hinge after you hit it).

I've removed stacks of pins on some pretty grotty cars without too many problems although I'm not knocking anyone else's method - perhaps I've just been lucky...

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Thanks for all the advice, but I've decided to try working around the doors and paint the car without taking the doors off. too much of a pain I just hope it doesn't spoil the finished project.

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