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I`m New , Scottish Opels


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Just saying hello , New to the form ect , - ( From SCOTLAND - HIGHLANDS - INVERNESS)

Got a yellow Cav Mk1 Sportshatch 2.0 Gls which i`ve been building for a while , I`ve put in a C20xe Conversion on carbs = Nearly ready for paint

And a 1.8 Manta 1.8 berlinetta hatch (more for spares) Good Shell tho!!

If anyone can help tell me how to post pics ill get sum up!!


I`ve Got access to Recovery Trucks so can travel ,



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The alloys in the pictures were on the shell when i got it ,


This is the wheels i have bought to use on the car once complete ,

(Not sure what like they will be) hope they will look okay!,




Dave750rs - I stay in Auldearn myself ,but most of my cars are kept at my work (Chisholms) in Inverness - lot more space, pop over anytime!

This is my latest manta , picked it up from an old man who had her from new,

Only 39,000 on her with full service history ,

Downside is she has sat for 16 years and its taken its toll on her,

Got the Cavy to finish , then Start this one :)

Planning to keep this one standard !!


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Hi and welcome love the sports hatch , when you hopping to get on the road . i like the xe , going to put one with bike carbs in my manta A

Going to get her painted next year - after the bad weather goes ,

Then Tax her ect , She`s Moted now so all the hard work is done ,

Xe on carbs is a good conversion , speak to kev abbott on here for a dissy bracket - They are really well made!

Where you based pal?


hi aye! you going to used them wings on the cavy or the manta? you should get one of them hatch's i was telling you about for some gte bits.

What ya saying stud ?

I`m planning to use them on the cavy cos they pretty mint (thanx)

Aye i wouldn`t mind taking a run up just for a nose and blether with him ,

Prob end up going back with a lorry to pick sum up ;) lol ,

Wats the boys name - PM me pal ,


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