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Coupe Panels, Glass & Fabric For Recaro Seats?


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Hello All,

I’m relisting this one more time before scrapping the parts concerned.

I’ve been finishing off the cutting up of a C reg GT/E coupe that my mate started. When I inherited the shell, the nose cone and rear bumper panel had already been cut out so parts of the rear quarter panels were missing. I've been careful to salvage what I think might be useful panels.

A lot of the body shell was too far gone but the two rear quarter panels are ok apart from the aforementioned missing rear sections. Perhaps the arches might be of use to someone.

I also have the firewall/battery tray/wiper slam panel. I started cutting off the section below the level of the battery tray to make the panel smaller for storage, then changed my mind so that's why there's a slot cut in it.

I've dropped the price of each panel to £50 a piece so hopefully they will find a good home rather than being scrapped

I also have two front GT/Berlinetta type seats, which I think were out of an Exclusive Hatch. As you can see the driver’s bolster is nicely worn. The grey fabric looks the same as that used for the bolsters on the Daytona check GT/E Recaros so could be used for a retrim.

In addition, I have a factory steel sun roof, a couple of bronze tint rear screens from coupes and two sets of coupe rear quarter lights. Unfortunately no front screens.

As before if you click on one of the photos, it'll take you through to Photobucket so you can see the rest of the shots.



(1985 GTE Hatch Carmine Red 2.4L, 1987 Irmscher Exclusive Coupe Dolphin Grey 2.2L)





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