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Cav Coupe


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Just see it! hmm, well the bidding is going very well for the owner. I'd like to see the driverside seat to help confirm the mileage. The clutch pedel rubber (from what i can see) looks ok, however the door card looks well 'worn'.

To be honest! its a bit rusty! I've seen far better for a lot less.


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Well that's neat, that's neat, that's neat, that's neat I really love your tiger seats....

Heck £670 at the mo for a rusty old Cav coupe,,, love the way the "New" price is quoted, should have also quoted the scrap price for 33 year old, old knackers too.

25K miles.... Hmmm so that is only 2500 per year from 1978 to 1988,,,,, hmmm somehow doubt that, but I'm not saying it can't be right.

Trim almost impossible to get, both interior and exterior, i.e. the wheel arch trim and the window trim, as all this will be in no real decent condition if doing a full resto. You can throw as much money as you would like to get the shell in order but you aint ever gonna get the window trim replaced, can be reconditioned, but if I was going to recondition that lot I would be charging a days work a piece.

I reckon that car will never see the light of day again by whoever buys it, and would absolutely love someone to prove me wrong.

BTW love the 0 feedback bidder bumping up the bidding eh?

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i dont think it looks too bad,ofcourse it will never be right as said the trims are a nightmare to get hold of(i know..iv one i cant get for my cav!)could be restored into a nice car all the same,slightly modified or something......dropped hard and wide wheels,weld in some nice arches....maybe golf ones?price is going a bit steep mind you.

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Also don't forget that "This car doesn't need SORN" Oh hang on due to new rules I think it does, last thing anyone needs these days is to buy a car with no V5 as knowing the DVLA they will soon be fining the easiest person to get hold of, which in most cases would be the new owner applying for a V5.

As Energy says, this car doesn't look that bad though really, would be hard to make a minter due to serious lack of trim for it, but can still be made into a nice car though.

Or perhaps a decent Banger :lol:

I tell you i reckon the Cav anoraks on here will want me shot at this rate :o:blink::lol:

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