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Clear Out Of Manta Parts


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I'm clearing out my loft\garage\shed\under the bed\wardrobe of manta parts, everything must go, I'll leave up here for a while then anything that's left is headed for ebay. These parts are located in Newtownards, N. Ireland. I am happy to post msmaller bits at cost, larger panels etc will need collected. I'm open to offers on any of these bits. If you think I've overpriced anything, just say.

list as follows:

Pair of pattern jacking points, £25 each (£45 the pair)SOLD

Pair of chassis rail repair sections, £15 each (£25 the pair) SOLD

Pair of inner wing repair sections, £20 the pair

Pattern lower front valance, has been fitted (using bolts,not welded) but is in excellent condition, £15 SOLD

Rear valance (coupe I think, doesnt have the wee arch for the exhaust), £30 SOLD

Manta B rear arch repair section, £20 SOLD

3 x Manta B N/S front wing, one has slight damage, all are 100% solid, £40each, £30 for the dented one. ALL SOLD

1 x O/S Manta B wing, some rust pitting (wee holes)behind Arch, could be used with some work, £25. SOLD

GRP Manta B nosecone, slight damage (see pic), £40 SOLD

Manta B Bonnet, very solid, scored, which would need work, has to be worth £25 SOLD

Manta B GTE front bumper, missing one of the bumper brackets, £25 SOLD

Manta B\MK1 cav recon steering rack, £35

Used steering rack, from 50k mile car, £15.

Pair of 16v Astra\Calibra calipers, used but seem in great order, come with the caliper carriers.Used with the audi 80 discs to upgrate manta\chevette etc (PM me for details on the conversion) £40 edit - to confirm, these are calipers only, I don't have discs.

Wiper motors, £5 each

I have a set of Manta GSI seats as well, could do with a bit of work, £100.

Also found an exclusive coupe back seat, decent condition but material slightly baggy on it - £30

There's a door up there too, I'll dig it out and see what shape it's in.

I also have a pair of wing mounting rails, found one of them, other must be here somewhere - £20 the pair. SOLD -Pending Payment

1800 starters, 2 of - £10 each

1800 alternators - £10 each, one either new or recon'd

20SEH\C20NE head gasket set, may be manifold gaskets missing, still has head,rocker cover, valve stem seals and a couple of other yokes - £5

New 20SEH\20NE throttle body - £10

New GTE type fuel pump (non GM) - £30 SOLD

Genuine GM upper front balljoint, new and packaged - £20 (I'm near positive I have a pair of genuine GM lowers as well). - SOLD

Pair of rear brake drums, were powder coated a load of years back (not by me) but have a quite a few chips\sratches, some minor rust on the insides from sitting but would clean up dead easy - £20 the pair

New Firstline Manta Handbrake cable in packet - £8

CIH exhaust manifold gasket and downpipe gasket - £5 SOLD

I've put up some more pics of the bits and pieces here:


There'll be more listed as and when I find it.

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Pat - Yep, should be postable, they aren't too long. I do dneed to find the other one tho, now that there's some interest it gives me incentive to find it lol. Leave it with me.

Steel - replied to your PM. postage on the valance may be an issue.

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Hi Mark. Can I please have the GTE fuel pump (is it a sytec one?) and the manifold/downpipe exhaust gaskets? Plus postage and packaging costs if you're able to please..

Can paypal or post a cheque at your preference.

Cheers, Rick.

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Are you coming to billing? If so can you bring me over an 1800 starter and alternator please? If not i'l make other arrangements. :)

I know a man who is going to Blling now, he can bring bits over for beer tokens?

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I've updated the list, the wings, bonnet and valance's should be getting picked up on Sunday. All the inner wing repair sections are available again due to the deal falling through.




£20 a pair.

These are currently all packaged up ready to post but the buyer seems to no longer want them. Would be open to an offer on the set to save me repackaging individually again.

I'm away from early next week so if anybody wants anything posted, if they pay over the weekend I can post Monday morning.


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