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Can Of Worms - Brake Servo Removal (A Series) And


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hello folks

I have a pig of job in my hands.. I have started with the work (in order to remove the servo) - have removed the two nuts holding the brake master onto the servo and the brake lines from the master, also the link (nut and bolt) connecting the arm to the foot brake pedal. Now what? shouldn't the damn thing come out? I've tried gentle persuasion with a crow bar wedged behind the servo but it's not budging.. am I missing more bolts/screws?

The area where my footbrake pedal and gas pedal bolt onto is rotted and will need to be plated.. I thought removing the servo would be the first thing to do. do I have to remove the whole pedal assembly there? should I weld it from inside the car or from the outside? should I remove the dashboard too? (please say no) - any advice from anyone who's done it?


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I'm a B man myself so I'm assuming the A is "similar"

Reading the post you don't seem to have mentioned undoing the 4 13mm nuts on the inside of the bulkhead that hold the servo on.

They are up inside the peadal box, and a couple may be partially hidden by the pedal brackets. If this is no use I'm sure there will be some A experts along soon who can advise or maybe post up a pic for you.

Let us know how you get on

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