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Hello From Manchester / Poland


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Hellow everyone!

I have just driven 2000Km from easten Poland to Manchester UK with my favourite toy: Opel Manta. I wonder if anyone here spotted me.

My name is Philip (greetings from Mantaclub Poland to everyone here). I am currantly living and working in the UK. I was missing my Manta so mutch that I decided to bring it here with me. I am driving it every day but I have not seen any other Manta so far.

Mayby my Manta does not look perfect but mechanically is very good. Forgive me please spelling mistakes - I am still lerning.


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welcome to the mantaclub uk. try to get down to billing show next month take a tent.

northwest meet is on first friday of month at preston just up m6 junction 31 not too far from you. :)

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loving that manta. it has the euro look lol. think you should drive more manta's over and sell them ha ha ha. best of both worlds you get tot drive manta's and make money ha ha ha ha

Driving manta for money would be great.

See my roadmovie:

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Dzien dobry, i don't speak too much Polish but i know how to ask for a beer and a few other phrases but Hello and a Warm welcome to you.

Where abouts in Poland are you from, my wifes father was from Poland and ive been across to his home town of Augustov and we are going to go back across at some point in the future.

Any way Hello and a warm welcome again.

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Hello, and Welcome the the frozen north... well its more wet where you are. Great to see you brought your Manta over with you :thumbup Dont worry about the spelling youre doing as well as most of us!!! :lol:

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