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Dip Stick Advice!


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if you do a complete oil change and put in the correct amount of oil for a 1.8 manta allowing for filter. you can run it up switch off let it settle then use any dip stick put a groove where the oil comes up to this is now your max oil, put a mark 20mm further down this is minimum now cut off excess job done. dont forget oil cooler if fitted but you can measure how much that needs with a jug of oil or it should state on capacity on the side :)

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Use the XE dipstick.

The dipstick is there to set the correct oil level relative to the crank. You want as much oil as possible in there without risking it touching the crank while the engine is running, which is exactly what the XE dipstick does. The 1800 manta one is irrelevant.

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