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Dr Manta 1/4 Panel


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Looks like i will have to remove my liver and other none essential organs .to buy a 1/4 panel from dr manta ,has anybody bought a 1/4 of him before are they new old stock ,or reproduction a lot of money for a outer 1/4 skin thanks william

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Hi William.

First of all i think you have located this thread the wrong place, should have been under basic tech help :)

Anyways, that´s just politics. I have bought quite a bit of parts from Dr Manta, and they are all very good. Some parts are not in a very good finish (some of his own products can have sharp edges etc) but fitment is VERY precise (and it should be as he bought all of the old GM press templates to make his own spare parts) so his own parts are exact replicas of the original ones (as he uses the same molds).

And yes he is extremly expensive, but when you get the parts you know where your money went.

Good luck :)

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thanks for that i did not think about the post i should have checked so do you think a 1/4 panel will be old original stock or will it be a new pressing .

i had got repair panels from him for the rear lower 1/4 panel and they were not well made, they required a lot of work to make them fit, i also got a lower rear panel which did not have the mounting flanges regards william

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