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Rally Car Build


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bought this car in wales last yearDSC_0553.jpg

Taken a bit of time to strip out all the unwanted bits. Now started rebuilding it,first on list was a custom cages weld in roll cage,most of which is fitted now.



Now started positioning new fostek built fully floating atlas axle using lengthened 400 bottom arms and top links from gp4 escort Thanks to spewy555 for access to his photo albums been a great help.


I`ll try and keep posting pics as I move on with the project

All the best Colin

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planning to keep the gte look had a 400 kit on previous car and with the price of replacement wings arches I`ll stick with what I have.

Steel, I picked the car up in a village called coelbren 20 or so miles north of neath. The guy I bought it from certainly told me it was a good shell but didn`t go overboard. I would honestly say to get a similar mk2 escort shell I would have had to pay 5 or 6k. The transmission tunnel is pretty much as standard car,only the top hat cut of as the gearbox was a ford type 9

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Nice cage... I've got the same one in my Manta. They're a bit tight at the top of the B.posts aren't they? Mine needed cutting out to fit the main hoop and then rebracing. I've not bothered with the dash bar as I wanted to refit the Manta's dash and my car will never see any competition use. Custom cages told me that Russell brooks old Andrews heat for hire Manta also has one of these weld in cages fitted. Mine also fits without removing the lower dashboard support panel, though it was a pain threading the bars through into place. Keep up the good work. . Luke.

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Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.

http://DSC_0566.jpg]DSC_0565.jpg One more bar to weld and thats the roll cage complete.Next task is to repair roof where the sunroof used to be,not really looking forward to this job.

I have now got my axle back everything seems to line up as it should,had to make a few alterations to the bottom arms,may have to make them adjustable yet


Gearbox and bellhousing all ready for mating up,not sure what flywheel clutch combination I`ll use yet. Open to recomendations



Bottom end of the xe is all together now,lightened and balanced crank, steel rods,cosworth pistons,all done with arp bolts.Manta sump with modified pick up pipe. Oil pump with steel gears for reliability


I will be on holiday next month so hopefully I`ll be able to move things along a bit by then.

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hi how are you colin

some nice bits going in the car with you

like to see it when its finished

i did buy the 400 v8 then sold it again what a bloody fool i am is now ni dublin

have bought a 3.5 tr7/v8 and now thats in italy doing hill climbs

so now on the hunt for another manta coupe non sunroof if you know for one please let me know winter is coming and im getting bored

in the nights

best regards peter

Edited by peter evans
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