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New Manta I240 Kit, Trevor Lewis Full Kit

Kevin Abbott

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I am going down a different path with my coupe and after careful consideration i am selling my i240 kit.

This was purchased by myself from Trevor and as i remember it was the 3rd kit to come out of his reverse flange mould ( no 1 went to Simon in Ireland, see manta400.com, no 2 to Gary Watson, no 3 to me.)

It has never been fitted, all i ever did was use tape to hold it on, it has been stored over the years either on the car wrapped like a new baby or very very carefully separately.

It fits the car like no other kit, Trev was/is still one of the best when it comes to Manta kits.

Rallytech took over the moulds and the current list price from Rallytech is £1500







Skirts are included, no current pics but have never been touched since i got them off Trev

This is a pic of Simons i240 with a Trev kit ( thanks Nelson, manta400.com)


Shows the quality of the kit in black

Bonnet not part of the kit

I have changed the front bumper airdam slightly but still have the cut off piece to add back in

I can deliver to Billing

I am asking £750



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Hi Pete, yes it is a RS500 one, it fits great.

Take out the inner nose front support and trim back the triangle parts on the inner of the front part of the chassis legs in front of the radiator crossmember and at both sides of the chassis legs.

Then i used a couple of rubber bobbins with m8 studs each side through the existing RS500 intercooler mounts and they fit straight through onto the chassis rails.. :thumbup


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