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Opel Senator Digi Dash Into Manta?


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Hi, bit of a weird dillema this time guys.

Iv bought a mint set of digi clocks from a Senator, iv previously done the Astra gte conversion and find they fall short so require filling out at the sides.

The Senator dash is a bit larger so i thought it would be a perfect fit with the manta binacle, nu uh! wee bit to large this time :angry:

My options are as follows:-

1. Cut the plastic screen to allow an extra few mm's and hopefully mount inside the binacle, not sure about the rear fit tho.

2. cut all mountings and binacle etc, allow for the extra and shut using fibreglass, problem bein i'd have to enlarge the dash hole that the binace sits in and chop up the top cover, im planning on having my dash flocked so woudnt notice the changes.

3. Make my own mounting cage to hold the dash, cut out the heater controls to allow clearance, no longer need the apature for the radio so could move the heater controls and mount there.

Has anybody carried out this conversion? Any very useful tips?

Thanks, Scotty.

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