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Gte Parts +Weber3236Dgv


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webber 32/36 dgv manual choke for manta 18s , nescesary adapters , throttle cable , K+N altered to clear bonnet .

it worked well for me when i used it a few years back , the 2nd barrel throttle retern spring had broken,its been crudely fixed and works fine. just requires the right kind of spring and retaining clip to fix properly .

£35 delivered (normal uk adresses etc) =======SOLD=======sold========SOLD========

i also have a modified inlet manifold to take this carb onto a 2.0 seh/se/ne injection head ..£35 delivered (normal uk adresses etc) collect barnet EN5 5jg ==============SOLD+++++++++SOLD============SOLD===============


the folowing is on behalf of a friend , these are his prices . probably a bit unrealistic but please make offers all the same and ill relay the details.

or contact Mike direct07956 399 056 Barnet EN5 5jg

gte 4 branch exhaust + link pipe . £50 plus post


gte exhaust manifold £20 plus post


dash (has volt reg) £20 plus post .... other bits here are an ecu crank oil seals+gaskets?, some handbooks and a haynes manual ask if your interested.


5 gte wheel center caps , good condition all lugs intact except one . £30 delivered



locking wheel nuts , found on a gte but are probably universal . £12 delivered


inlet manifold gte injection £35 delivered


various repair panels ns floor section + jacking point etc £100 plus post the lot or £30 each






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yes it did clear the bonnet (the400 style) , it was due to the K+N being sliced in half mostly.

the usual size K+N filter will foul the bonnet.

i remember it being down to slightly higher ports on the head ,making the manifold sit higher and all the damn adapters you need to stick on the manifold to fit the webber .

so not really "ah haa!" but if you want to try it all out ill send it for you.

if its not suitable send it back ....

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im afraid the webber and filter has gone , someone has taken it to try it out , if its no good for his needs he will be sending it back. so i might have it again for sale ....

did you have your car at billing this year ?

i did see one with a welded up inlet and a single carb was it yours ?

there was a hole in the bonnet to accomodate the filter ... i quite liked it , it looked like somthing i would do ;) very madmax


the last picture on that page shows it prety well , you can see the carb mounting surface is flush/level with the top of the head .

perhaps compare you your one , or measure the height of your setup and see from the head up if there going to be room .

anyway ill send the manifold to you to try if you want (pay later if its good),

i think theres a good chance if its anything like the one at billing which appeared to be welded in a similar way to mine (not identical)

it may not help you .

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