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Braking A 20Xe Calibra


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As you will see from my other topic I have bought a 1991 calibra that needs a sleeve fitted in the head due to it being porous.

I have a running 1.8OHC Manta and have also broken a 2.0CIH car for spares so I have retained the fuel tank / pump / pipes and both looms from the 2.0 injection Manta along with the diff and heaps of other bits

The purchase of the Calibra takes me off into an area I really didnt want to get into but to be honest part of the reason is getting bits for the old 1.8 OHC & 2.0 CIH motors over here is just too hard. And to get the whole Calibra for 250 quid was a bit of a score and I could not bear to let that engine go to someone else or be scrapped for that kind of money.

I have a set of twin 40's that I could use or keep thecalibra injection?

I would quite like to use my carbs but need to understand how the ignition side will all work as I don't want to lose the standard heater box and hopefully not have to do the brake servo conversion. I have seen the coil pack

/ ignition module kit on the SBD site and would like to use something like that rather than retain the original set up or use the dizzy off my 1.8 motor, lots of stuff on the net and Forum about conversions but I would not mind having a

definitive answers and suggestions as I dont want to re invent the wheel or go down the wrong track from day one.

I really don't want to do bike carbs or throttle bodies and wouldrather do the servo conversion and use my carbs if they clash, or I can sellthe carbs and just fit the injection.

Not worried about fuel costs as that's cheap in NZ and the car won't be a daily driver for me anyway.

The standard radio cassette will remain in the car but won't seea lot of use as I very much like to hear the engine and love a bit of induction/ exhaust noise and a very firm ride.

Before I break the car some suggestions on what to keep would be good too, are the front callipers any use?

Any advise on the fuel system and if I need to change brake servo


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Not much more you can use from the Calli i´m afraid, but 250 for a xe is a good deal.

You need of course to use your original enginemounts and oilpan from the 1,8, also (maybe) flywheel and clutch and gearbox of course.

Twin 40´s would be allright but i´d reccomend 45´s for that engine.

Ignition wise there are ways to make the 1,8 ignition fit the xe, but i never liked that solution much. If your Calli is running Motronic 2,8 you can use the original ignition as stand alone unit. If not you will need to either use the 1,8 ignition, or maybe use a EDIS with a coilpack and a megajolt box ? Stand alone ignitions should be possible to get from tunershops in Aussie or NZ.

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