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16V Manta


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hi folks after a long spell of not diong anything with my mantas i pulled my 16v ecotec out a couple of weeks ago and started to put her together slowley but surly its lookin more like a car now today got it running for the first time in ages and i do mean ages !!!!!!!!! she fired after the 2p coz pump realy goosed!! now its on the hunt and reving its self up and down ? im thinkin idel control valve has anybody else got any other input??thanks in advance cheers wulliethumbsup.gif p.s its running standard injection

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Could be drawing in air from somewhere? Prob just needs a good blow through! Do u still have that door btw wulllie?

Iv been sent away with work but will be home this weekend to collect if its still for sale?

Cheers bud.

soz m8 sold it !!sad.gif

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