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Cylinder Head Bolt Tool


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10 or 12 yes can´t remember. You´ll need a tourque wrench when you mount them again of course + new bolts as they are stretch bolts thumbsup.gif

Not quite true!!! Some bolts are stretch bolts and some aren't. 6 point torx type are the stretch ones usually on 2.4 motors and these are the only ones available from GM. There are 2 other types, a 12point (i think), these are not stretch bolts and can be re used and also a std allen cap haed type bolt which can be re used.

If your bolts are looking a bit tired you can order a std type cap head, these are way better than the stretch type bolts. Talking to guys on other forums they have had problems with these bolts when upping the comp ratio. Basically they were getting head gasket failures regularly, they decided to use a set of older cap head screws as they had no stretch ones and needed to replace the head to compete. The problem stopped after using the std bolts. Can only assume that with the higher comp ratios, up fom approx 9 to 1 to 12 to 1, the bolts actually stretch more causing head gasket failure. With a std 12.9 cap head this doesn't happen.

Bolts you need are

M12 x 1.5 x 70mm socket cap screw

M12 x 1.5 x 100mm socket cap screw.

I got mine from an engineers merchants near me, needed to order minimum of 10 of each though (2 engine sets). Cost was 51.52 inc vat.

Funny this has come up as i have just found the receipt for the bolts!!!



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