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Different Looking 1977 Manta

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When i got the car it was in it's original metallic Blue, but the sun had lifted and thinned most of the lacquer. Obviously i have slightly modified the body work which has been done in STEEL including the rear spoiler, wheel arch spats, wing vents and front nose panel!!! Body work was then all prepped and two pac primed/sealed, after which it was finished in a satin black which i think suits it really well (all trim and glass was removed). Lots of waxoil was then injected into various cavities!! Pictures before during and after!!

Three days later...

As can be seen from the pictures she is not your run of the mill b series !! , the car has costum rear spats , rear spoiler , wing vents , and nose panel all done in sheet steel to a very high standard. also she has been de bympered. the car was 2pac primed and then painted in a colour called honda deep bronze black pearl as can be seen on new civic type rs !! In normal light the car looks black but when the sun hits it she comes alive and the deep bronze shine comes through !!. this really is one of the nicest colours you will ever see and suits the manta perfectly ! The finish on this car is outstanding and every panel is perfectly straight the gaps in the panels are also perfect ! the car is rock solid with no structual rot .


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I know, it's why he has buggered off of here and deleted the thread... I called him on it, in a very friendly way though!

I don't have a problem with a tradesman buying a car cheap and using their skills to turn it round quick, I do have a problem with honesty - and he was not being honest! nobody who is a painter under estimates the cost of bodywork - and also, you wouldn't pay for a paintjob if you were going to be skint before the paint was dry (two days after buying the car!!), it just didnt add up to me

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Really wanted to say a lot of stuff about that car, all I will say is.........

Proffessional respray that was masked off on the screen rubbers, Fcuk me i've been spraying my Manta on my drive (total amateur) and yet managed to remove the screens to paint the respective areas..............

TBH even I could prep and mask off a car and paint it in couple of days if I didn't remove any trim, doors, wings, bonnet, boot, glass etc etc. Best of it is there were no bumpers to deal with.

2nd best of it is, slapping on a few litres of Honda paint you had lying around your spray booth doesn't constitute a £3500 Manta, If I spent that amount of cash I would be wanting to see the door shuts, engine bay and all the stuff which wouldn't have been painted (due to quick respray) PAINTED

AND I would liked to have had no MOT issues due to no rear No. Plate light.

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