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Can I Run My Mig Off The Mains? (At Home)


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I was a little a naive and bought myself a new 150TE Clarke mig welder which came without its plug.. now in the accompanying booklet it says do not use a 13 amp plug but a 15 amp plug instead.. the intention was to use the mig at home to repair my manta and run it off a household socket..(which are 13amps).. a 15amp plug looks completely different and cannot be used with a household socket...

What happens if I wire my mig to a 13 amp plug and plug it onto a mains fed socket (via an extension lead)?

I don't think I'll use it at full power anyway or it will be used on a daily basis..

any advice please?


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do you have an electric cooker if so this will have a 30amp supply most have a plug socket along side the switch you could make an extension lead and use this if you are worried ,but i would use it on a 13amp you will never use it flat for a great deal of time for you to draw the sort of current that would cause a problem if you are doing bodywork.

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It'll be fine on a 13amp plug.

There is the possibility that if you run it at full power for a long time you might blow a fuse, but that should be all.

I run my much larger 210amp welder on a 13amp plug and have never blown a fuse :thumbup

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I've run a similar MIG with a 13amp fuse for twenty odd years, and as said in a previous post, you may blow a fuse now and then, so you just stick a new fuse in. Happy Welding :thumbup

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