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Anyone With Let In Manta,


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hi lads i know some of the scotsmen have c20lets in mantas,any more pics of intercooler pipes,the way you would route them and choice of intercooler,any help as nearly there with this

these 600x300 cheapy chinese (but good!) intercoolers are everywhere on ebay:


and if you trim out the triangulation pieces between the chassis legs and front crossbrace (behind bumper) fit snugly behind bumper with pipe each side under chassis leg. then route pipes 90degs back, the 90degs up through front (flat) section of inner wing.... rhs to turbo, lhs to inlet.

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frontera 2.4 turbo diesel one


comparison sizes of intercoolers, bottom one cally t turbo, second one 2wd cosworth, third one frontera td one, top one RS500 cosworth


Prices.. cally t 5 quid

cosworth 2wd 25 quid

frontera td 50 quid

RS500 300 quid



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