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Newbie And A Mk1 Cavalier, Pics Up Too


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Hi all

I've recently jumped away from the VW scene after years and loads of VW's and ended up with a couple of motors, one is a 78 low mileage failry tidy Mk1 Cavalier saloon

I'm struggling to find much online about them, seems loads of stuff for Mk2 and Mk2 Cavaliers

so thought I;d try my luck and sign up here

Hopefuly i'll be welcomed with open arms, if no then please point me in the right direction

Anyway, as i know most peeps like pictures

here's a couple




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Hi Yes you are welcome here with a mk1 cavalier, its a sister of the manta and apart from the bodyshell shares all the running gear and drivechain.

Oh and we might not be as active over here as Retrorides but we do get there in the end :thumbup

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Holy big signature pic batmanlaugh.gif

Yeah, I know i could buy a Manta - I could a whole load of other cars too, but i likes being a little different..

I'm on the Hilux Pick up owners forum and have a big huge dirty Hilux Surf too, (sister vehicle) so why not be on here with the Cav too

cheers for all the welcomes too

Gonna be making slow progress this year on the cav, but hopefuly plans for next year will start once work pics up a bit... blink.gif

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