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A Series Manta Redtopification Kit


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Okie dokie chaps, I'm going in a different direction with my A Series so my entire XE kit is for sale.

It comprises of:

-Manta B alloy engine mounts with Cortina rubbers

-'Big Wing' sump and oil pick-up

-Getrag 240 5-speed gearbox in fine working order with custom altered gear lever to fit A series centre console

-Modified A series gearbox mount to accommodate the above, bolts straight on

-CUSTOM PROPSHAFT fits the Getrag gearbox and the A series rear axle, modified and balanced by Commercial Propshaft Services of Team Valley

-Nearly new clutch for an XE, only had about 1000 miles usage and is perfectly adequate, never slipped for me.

I think that's about it. At the moment I'm just gauging interest, its all still on the car. If I get a firm offer I can have it all off in a weekend.

Remember this is a complete kit of everything you need to put an XE in your A series. All the faffing about is already done at no small expense, try pricing up a custom propshaft! The engine is there but has a cooked head gasket and the head is warped.

Offers around 595 quid so I don't have to split the bits for the escort crew. Can post the lot, courier, whatever you want.

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Hi all, I'm sorry for not answering many of your requests, when there was no initial interest, I put the manta to the back of my mind and got on with other cars. I still have the complete car which I intend to take down to a bare shell then rebuild as a track car using a completely different engine and driveline.

This means the kit is still available, including the inlet and carbs.

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hi mate i can see someone has already said they would have your parts but if they dont i would like them if not can you pm me about were you had the engine mounts gear lever and propshaft made i'd appreciate it very much. thanks

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