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1986 Gt/e Hatchback, Minta


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Hi the car isn't actually for sale until next Monday as i have got one last car show in her then she is good to go :( , I bought the car with the intentions of using it as my daily runner but once i had got it home and started looking over it, it was a better car than i had thought.

So i set about a restoration, She had a new bonnet 2 new rear wheel arches 2 new doors a O/S/F wing a rear bumper and a N/S/F head light (all Very good second hand but new to this car other than rear wheel arches they where new) the fuel tank has been taken off fully cleaned up and painted and fitted back on. The Manta has had a full respray in its original colour of Astro Silver, all five wheels have been fully refurbed. (The car was matt black when i got it??????)

It had all interior removed and fully cleaned as did all windows and rubbers etc the only thing that did not get painted is under the bonnet, all the under side of the car has been fully cleaned up and fully under sealed.

whilst it was off the road it had a new radio Aeriel, 4 new tyers only done around 300 miles, a Cd player (will be left in car) a new radiator, a new starter motor, rear diff cover plate gasket and new gear oil in rear axle, oil and filter change, a new heavy duty battery, K&N panel filter fitted and a new rocker cover gasket and a different red rocker cover fitted oh and it had a new set of number plates still have the original for the rear which matches the sticker in back window.

The car shows 60k i have got one of two bits of history so no real proof of mileage but to be honest with the interior the steering wheel and the car over all there is no reason why this is not correct, The car has its original locks so one key fits all ( i have 2 keys for car)






I have loads of pics of the car before and after the only bad bits on the car are no side skirts but do come with the car i opted not to fit them back on as i like it with out (will need painting) and the sunroof has been sealed shut as you no the sunroofs on these are crap so as the roof was not showing any signs of rust i opted to wax oil the innards and seal the sunroof shut to stop water creeping in :thumbup .

The car comes with all hand books and work shop manuals.

The MOT runs out in March next year and tax the end of August, Any Questions feel free to ask, The girlfriend does want a 4X4 so poss PX????? I Want £2600 ovno she is a very tidy Manta now and does not need any work for the foreseeable future its ready to show :rolleyes: !!!!

Only selling as i need my spare time and money to get my other Manta (Gloria) on the road, Thanks for looking Paul

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I have just fitted a passenger mirror to her, im selling but i keep adding parts :) , Will be going on piston heads on Monday!!!! any comments on the price?????

To be honest i thinks its a fair price due to how well the car looks and how much i have spent on it but any criticism welcome.


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If anyone's thinking about buying this car of Pauls, I can vouch for it being an absolute bargain at this price. I've had a really good look around it and also saw how it looked before the restoration. The paintwork is one of the best resprays I've ever seen and is like glass. Paul's done a brilliant job of this restoration and I'd be buying it up straight away if I had the space for another car. I think Paul might regret selling this car once he's back on with his long term project 16 Valve GTE Hatchback. With the price of Mantas now being at an all time high, I don't think anyone could build anything as good as this for any cheaper than the price of this car. This car looks even better in the flesh than in the pictures. £2600 for a freshly restored Manta GTE with perfect paintwork, good mechanicals, clean Recaro interior and still taxed and tested..... Sounds like a bargain to me. Good luck in finding it a new home Paul....... Luke.

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