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Regarding The Billing Meet


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Planning coming along next year? ;)

Its massive with well over 1000 cars. The meeting is for ALL Vauxhall Bedford Opels cars from pre-war to current cars. Large auto jumble too. Google VBOA billing 2011 and you find lots of threads all a lot of different forums with pictures.

Be good to see you there but you'll need to join the OMOC to attend with us. This will also give you access to the members side of this forum so you can pics of Mantas at billing this year.

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It will take a miracle and a winning lottery ticket to get done with the A before next summer :) But i actually thought about attending in the A along with my brother after he has gotten his car back wink.gif Could be awsome, expecially as i plan to upload the entire progress on this site thumbsup.gif And will join OMOC at some time anyways, i think you are a real nice bunch of opel chaps on in here, not like the ones we have here in Denmark. Nothing works for them except a brand new untouched Vectra huh.gif

I could give you guys a good lesson in how to drink beer properly tongue.gif

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Now that´s the spirit :) I´ll even bring a couple of cases of my favorite brand for you to try laugh.gif

Count me in:thumbup

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