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East Mids August Pub Meet


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Will anybody actually be going to this meet on August 11th ?

July just managed the three of us from the Leicester area due to work/Holidays. It's a long (& these days expensive) drive to chat with guys who live within 12 miles. As I'll be away until the 10th I don't want to rush back for nowt !!

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I can't make it, still waiting on the missus getting paid.

She never got paid for the last 8 weeks at work (Haldanes) :angry: , then the shop closed, so she is waiting on redundancy aswell. :mellow:

They won't even give her Job seekers allowance. :angry:

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Sorry you couldn't make it Joe and George (was lokking forward to a catch up after such a long time Joe!)

I therefore had Greg's undivided attention (or should that be the other way round!) showing me his new magnificent Omega Elite 3.0i 24v ECOTEC-V6 petrol with the MV6 17" 'anthracite' finish wheels - beautiful car. But my favourite feature was the electrically operated rear window sunblind!

Hope you can bring it along to future meets Greg - I want a passenger ride next time!


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Yep - sorry guys. The wife had a birthday whilst we were away on a break (10th) so when we arrived home on the 11th our daughters had arranged a lunch party for us at the local pub. After helping quaff a couple of bottles of Vino I was in no shape to drive early that evening. :blink: (can't say how old the wife is but its between 69 & 71 !!).

Hope to make it next time.

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