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Manta 400 Turbo Project

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If anyone pulls it to bits they will be jealous ass holes. You have done a really nice job nd you should be proud of the car and yourself

things to come over the winter rs500 intercooler and a mahoosive holset turbo.. more to come

car treated to a new plate:-) been using the car lot since billing, its running like a dream and goes like stink.. but over the winter im building a more uprated engine and going for big powe

no it t'ees in to top hose..

lost my gearknob:-( made a new 1:-)))))


fastens on with a grub screw at bottom of knob..

going to try make a matching handbrake too..

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the return from the choke goes to the back of the turbo mate,

the cars had a lot of love this weekend,

its as shiney as a whistle ready for the T.V photo shoot..

god please let it be dry:(............

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

seems all the pics on this thread have gone:-( must be something to do with photobucket..

will try fix it later...

another upgrade added

i had chance to purchace some 4 pot hi spec 325 mm front brakes.. reading the website it said will not fit under anything but 17" wheels... i have 16s on my 400:-(

bought them anyway...

1st of they came with the later vauxhall bracket which will not fit the manta hub.


so we machined the right bracket up from the correct grade alloy..


next was to machine the discs to accept the manta hub with correct spacer..





all fits perfect... and the wheel clear the calipers by about 10mm:-)


all bled up eith 5.1 brake fluid.. just need the rain to go and i can test them out..

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Hey Mick

What brake fluid are you using? been trying to work out best stuff to use on mine. There 4 pot wilwood's on the front and there seems to be different ideas as to which fluid to use?


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dry weather came:) brakes are all fine with the new hi spec jobbies.

I think I will be fitting a remote servo over the winter tho,

for those who don't know, I had a call from total Vauxhall wanting to feature my car..

I put 1 finished pic on their facebook page and it got lots of love:)

4 hour photo shoot(thought it would be 10 mins in a car park)

should be out in july... the pics are awesome.... buy it :D:D:D :D :D

also just spent 4 hours fixing this thread.. all the pics disappeared:(..

fixed now tho.. :angry:;):lol:

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Hey mick

Thanks for the advise. I will give it a go when i get round to fitting the front calipers.

That's why i setup a blog for all the car stuff as there does seem to be a problem with pic's going missing :-)

Nice one on the Total Vauxhall. I did have the offer of a photo shoot when mine was finished, but they have probably given up waiting on me :-) i will make sure i look out for a copy.


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