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Manta 400 Turbo Project


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well i started picking the chassis leg off

the floor on the inside looks 100% but with the leg off you can see just how thin it has become.
so more work here to get it how i want it.
leg was very rusty inside

im sure it was starting to rust b4 my eyes so i thought id best etch primer it.

going to repair one leg at a time(dare not cut both off) blink.gif

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Hi Mick, out of interest, how many hours did they charge for the blasting? (just wondering how fast we work compared to others!) Looks like they use the same media as us. Most places seem to be going over to it now.

Yep, you need to prime it pretty fast. Sometimes , when the humidity is very low at the time of blasting, you can leave it for 12 months and no rust will form, other times it will start to go within 2 hours. Its down to the humidity at the time, as no seperators ever fetch all the water out of the blasting air.

This summer has been very humid. We have blasted two cars this week and have zinc phosphate primed both within a couple of hours just to make sure!

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he spent 7 hours on it, could not find it cheaper around here. i even got a quote for £900.

even with me taking underseal off it was a pain to blast:) but hes done a a great job i think,

i think you would of worked out cheaper. excluding the 450 mile round trip:)

i got it home without getting it wet, and painted it 2 days after. you could just start to see a sheen of brown:) in places.

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Yea 7 hours sounds fair including the setup and "unsetup" time (which takes a while).

Was talking to the big blasters' round here (Chantrells in Narborough) where I buy my glass media from, and they recounted the story of a mobile soda blasting company which a customer of theirs wished to use on a historic Porsche 911. They apparently charged £100 per hour, and in 9 hours had only done one side of the car on the outside! Needless to say the soda man went home and it got blasted with glass!

As you'll have seen from yours, the glass does a lovely job, the key left on the surface is perfect for subsequent processes.

Your car is looking very nice by the way!

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yep there new legs, had em years. but they are still available. outer skins.

from here http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/28454-klokkerholm-body-panels/

certainly the best thing i could of done(the blasting) no way would i have found the little pinholes

here n there with out the media blasting. i would recommend it to anyone who is seriously restoring a car. :thumbup

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at least when using media,it also shows even the smallest weakness,youd never seen pinholes,and after all hard work replacing chassis leg,floor wouldve started,pretty soon after,and all hard work wasted

glad u cut out floor panel,now u know its good metal i"ll bet

ure gonna have a cracking shell when finished


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Top work Mick, 1 x root free manta, almost as good as that hatch in New Zealand.

Guess opel never wanted a manta to last forever, this is one fast and efficient way of starting from stratch,

Just want to ask, what sort of protection are you adding to keep her tip top!

guess its just etched at the mo. are you going to too pack her and then stonechip?

Keep up the excellent work, its gonna be one rot free very fast Manta

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not sure on what im using yet, was talking to someone at retropower at billing and he advised somesort of

underseal like rubber? not sure what its called(not thought about it much yet)

yes its amazing what the media blast found:) tbh i have gone ott abit. if it looked like it was going to rust

it got cut out.. least i know its bang on now. should be ok for the next 30 years:))))

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welding complete:)))
last bit was battrey tray and back tow eye.
what lies beneith??








now with the welding out of the way i can dummy fit the goodies.
mv6 box
power steering.
then 400 kit.. should keep me busy over winter,

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Hi Mick.

Bonny pair owe legs, picci 9 amazing whit lurks in the manta body shell when naked.

cheers rab.

thats right rab, the gm rust worm was eating away quite nicely inside them legs:)

just goes to show you, looked about 85% perfect on the outside.

yes kev well n truely wiped now. its good to stand back and know ive got a rot free coupe :)

and im looking forward to the axle mate :thumbup

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started fitting the 400 rear arch today,
im fitting the rally tech kit with the fixing flange on the inside,
1st of all i offered the kit up and marked where it met the body. i also marked the fixing holes and drilled them out.
i used masking tape to mark where i was going to cut, i cutting out as high to the fixing flange as possible.c499a13a.jpg

i cut the inner arch about 2 inch back.


with all the arch now cut out to where i wanted it,i slid the new metal between the outer and inner arch giving a nice
clean look. this i before we spotted it in and trimmed it..







this took us a good 2 hours, n/s getting done thursday hopefully.

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hi Mick long time no see bud, now its most refreshing to see a manta getting done old school proper. That car is going to be around for a long long time bud. Keep up the good work Mick I remember the night we chatted about that car on ebay its was being bought one way or the other lol.

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