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Manta 400 Turbo Project


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hi robbie, hows things with u mate? u got that cobra done yet?

yes i remember that night well too:) bargain price :thumbup but add the 3 years of storage to it

and well its cost me a feckin small fortune :( oh well 400 turbo when finished :D

hope ur keeping well mate.

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Bummer on the storage Mick, yes it was a cracking price at the time :). Cobra wise I just tiddle now and then, that project was meant to be done at a sedate pace though I have been at it a right bit this past month. Starting to get the bug for getting it finished and letting the cubes loose on the road lol

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with the rear arches done its time for some dummy fitting.
power steering from a corsa b and peddle box,
boxs fits pretty well, ive opted to use the standard accelerater peddle.
nothing really to do here,it will al be fitted propperly after paint.
new bearing.


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now the u clips and bolts have turned up i can carry on fitting the 400 kit.
there a resess for each clip in the mould of the back mount. i fitted all the clips
then offered it up to the rear arch.

tighted all the bolts to see how it fits

it fits quite flush to the body but there is a small gap which needs filling b4 it looks 100%

arch came back off, and i put cling film all over back arch where am going to fibre glass the arch back on.8d898fc3.jpg


with the arch back on, i put bolts back in but only on the first thread ready to tighten quick leaving about a 10mm gap all away round the arch.
then i mixed loads of fibreglass filler and filled the 10mm gap. when the gap was filled i tightened the bolts fully.
the fiberglass spreads out filling the gap.

now hopefully tomorrow when its set i should be able to take the arch off and trim and sand and WILL :rolleyes: have a perfect fit.

front wing just basically bolted on without too much trouble.

this is the inside where the wing sits on the a pillar.

:thumbup cant wait to finish that back arch off tomoz biggrin.gif

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its a mk2 pedal box, i bought the wrong 1. i had to cut about 2" off the back of it. its perfect tho,

and im hoping the bearing will go on inside. :D

Cheers Mick

Thought it was, but how do I know what the correct one is before I go mad on ebay?


Coming on well mate :thumbup

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That's my Christmas present sorted :D

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took the arch back off tonight, removed the cling film.
i care fully removed the excess fibre glass around the edge and sanded with a
da sander, still needs work but you can see already the fit is good.

a few hours fettling and it should be done. :thumbup

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  • 4 weeks later...

its getting harder to get in the garage now the cold weathers arrived..
need a gas refill for sure:) anyways a quick up date.
400 just about fitted. 400 bonnet needs some fettling as it seems to of got out of shape.
probably because its been in storeage for years wit things lent against it.

roll cage fitted

so basically im ready to strip again and start etch primer and stone chipping the underside and inside.
im hoping to start the paint by the end of jan to keep this project on time for billing.

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had a few hours on this last night.
roll cage fully fitted then took out for powder coating.
newseat rails to do next. also managed to pick up my new axel, new built zf lsd with disc con
and steel torque tube:) should keep power on road well.. cheers kev.

im in need of some capri front indicaters for my front 400 bumper.. anyone got any spare there wanting to sell?

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  • 3 weeks later...

happy new year everyone.
been nice n busy over the festive period:)
front axle cross member stripped down and de-bushed... forgot what a pain getting the old bushes out was..i recommend a heat gun:)
thats off to be strethened shotblasted and powder coated ready for the new bushes a ball joint and springs..
b4 pic

got my new bumper from rallytec and it fits well. also decided on the steel bonnet and square headlights( but this may change yet) i just like the idea of a steel bonnet.


intercooler for turbo has been measured up and ordered, it should or will sit neatly behind the bumper out of sight.
engine a mv6 box dummy fitted . cant see any problems with the box hitting the tunnel so this just looks like a stright fit:)
kev abbott n/s mount for c20let works a treat too..
im hoping now this project will move on fairly fast now as all fab and dirty work is done.
i will pop some pics of box n engine later

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Looks good! Your getting on much better than me, Im still at the grotty welding stage...Im doing the steel bonnet and big lights on mine too, the fiber ones just never seem to fit properly!

Which bushes are you using? The ones I have (cant remember the name) have a crap front subframe rear bush with no outer sleeve, might swap them out for original ones.

What interior are you going for?


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