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New Bilstein Shock Absorbers

monaco manta

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SOLD, subject to receipt and clearance of Cheque.

Full set of the above, un-used and still in their original boxes as received. I had to order these in by special order approximately 5 years ago to fit the B reg GTE Hatch I had at the time, to replace the lowered suspension, but they were never fitted as it proved impossible to remove the lowered springs! I have:

2 X F4-BNE-1944-BE and 2 X F4-BNE-1960-BE

The 1944 are also listed as fitting Ascona B, Kadett C, Manta B, Manta CC. The 1960 are listed for Ascona A, Ascona A Voyage, Ascona B, Manta B, Manta B CC and Rekord D, plus Cavalier 1300, 1.6N, 1.6S, 1900, 2.0S, Cavalier CC 1.3, 1600 and 2000, Cavalier Coupe 1.3, 1.9S and 2.0S.

I had kept hold of them in case my Exclusive needed them at any time, but now this is up for sale I will have no need for the shocks in the future.

Originally cost £150 and having just done a bit of trolling through the internet they are now listed (once converted from Euros) at around the £160 mark, plus postage.

Grab a bargain, make me an offer around the £100 mark and they're yours. Postage will be extra, or you can collect if preferred. I am in Essex, approximately 20 minutes from Junction 30/31 on the M25 (Dartford Crossing).

Send PM if interested, or phone 07947 834134 after 6pm.

Val - EX SE Area Rep

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In response to PM's received:

As far as I'm aware shocks are the same for coupe as a hatch. Friend of mine has some from a coupe on his hatch. Website I looked at listed both as fitting Manta B and Manta C.

Em, sorry they're not the motorshport (yellow) ones you're looking for, but the black bodied ones. Used to be involved with a rally team who ran a Manta and he used to get his from Demon Tweeks, I believe they still have them in stock, or could get them for you, but suspect they may be a bit pricey.


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