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Rear Gearbox Mount Mod


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hi guys after looking around for a rear gear box mount (and failing misseribly) i decided to make my own thought id show how i did it :) this mount cost me nothing even better :)

after checking my old mount and deciding she was pritty goosed


i set about cleaning the gearbox sub frame


she was abit grubby to say the least but nothing a bit of diesel didnt sort out :) i then saved the top part of the old mount (the bit bolting to the gearbox) for some light modification, and started to remove the excess bonded-on rubber


once this was all cleaned up i then set about moddin the bracket to suit my makeshift mount :) it involved removing part of the bracket, (hacksaw) and drilling a 10mm hole prity much off center between the two existing mounting holes to the gearbox. (the 10mm hole needs to be off centre to allow for clearance in the gearbox itself)


only remove one of the lugs just to allow for clearance, doesnt matter which... then file all neat and tidy


this is the mount i have used, it is a pedistal fan motor mount, made in the uk and readily avalible i will get the part no's and make as soon as, but these are still in production ,


the holes on the bottom allign up exactly with the gearbox sub-frame, ;)

now its just a case of building her all up


oh and i used some m8 x 40 HT set bolts with spring and flat washers to secure the new mount ;)


looks prity neat if i do say so myself :)



she works perfectly and should last a good few years :) this mod took my about hmmm 2 hours in total, from taking the old mount off/out cleaning/modding and refitting.

i hope this helps someone stuck ;)

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